The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has responded to the Sikh Federation UK about the Government’s Action Against Hate report.


The Sikh Federation UK says the Government neglected Sikhs and other non-Abrahamic faiths in its 40-page report. This follows on from our article last month.

The minority Sikh community despite being disproportionately impacted on by racism and hate crime such as physical and verbal abuse since 9/11 is often overlooked by government officials.

Given the scale of the problem we are keen for the minority Sikh community not to be overlooked and are keen to work with Gurdwaras that have been the subject of graffiti and arson attacks.


Ms Rudd says “It is very worrying that the survey shows 8 per cent of Sikhs have suffered discrimination in the past 12 months.

“Discrimination against anyone because of some intrinsic part of their identity is completely unacceptable and it is of particular concern where this discrimination is from public officials.

“We have strong anti-discrimination laws in this country. The Equalities Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone on the ground of race or religion and belief.

“It is a criminal offence for anyone to use racially and religiously abusive language that might cause harassment, alarm and distress and we expect the police and Crown Prosecution Service to take action in such cases.”

Anti-Racism Cardiff has requested an independent internal review on our FOI request to receive the drafts of the Action Against Hate report. We hope that receiving the drafts will provide more clarity about how the report was constructed and the process of how case studies were selected.