A member of the organisation Race Council Cymru (RCC) says we should celebrate black history.

“Black history celebration emphasises what contributions those who are black or from an ethnic minority group have made and it’s also a reminder of how important the spectrum of those communities are to the diversity and the growth of the country.

When we’re talking about black history […] we’re taking part in understanding and promoting other cultures.”

Mr Akotia says RCC give support to organisations so they can understand the importance of diversity.

“We help companies break down barriers, like class, and language.”

This year Race Council Cymru had the Black History Youth Awards which Mr Akotia says was “the first of its kind.”

“In emphasising the need of a particular sector of our society does not mean we’re overlooking another group of people or another race. These agendas are important in being able to make people feel more exclusive when historically they haven’t been included.”

In his spare time, Mr Akotia has a show on Radio Cardiff. He says as well as being social he is trying to support his community.

“The radio is a place to get our message out.”