Abdul Shayek from the theatre company Fio says that theatre should be diverse and include more people from different backgrounds.

He says the arts are “a bit stuck up” and “artists should work harder to appeal to wider audiences.”

Mr Shayek says that growing up “for people from BME backgrounds, going to the theatre wasn’t really something we did.” He’s been working to change this in Cardiff.

“Fio’s mission is to enrich, develop and bring together communities, companies and individuals, using theatre, performance and story telling as a tool and accessible platform.”

He speaks about the different performances that Fio have put on in Cardiff. These include Swarm, which was inspired by refugee experiences, and more recently, The Mountain Top, a play by Katori Hall that imagines Martin Luther King’s last day on earth.

Listen to what else he has to say:

Mr Shayek runs workshops for young people to get involved with the arts. Workshops are held in the Plant Room, Wales Millenium Centre 18:30-20:30 every Tuesday with a sharing on the 10th December. For more details visit the Facebook page or email: abdul@wearefio.co.uk


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